The CHEC's graduation trip

The CHEC, a professional education

Founded in 1957, at the initiative of the French Building Federation (F.F.B.) and the French Federation of Public Works (F.N.T.P.), the "Centre des Hautes Etudes de la Construction" (Center of Higher Studies on Construction) (CHEC) is an higher education private institution recognized by the State.


The CHEC proposes, to the holders of a master's degree, a specialization in the design and execution of high technicality works.

In this regard, education is divided into 4 separate section :

  • CHEBAP (Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete) : 96 students* ;
  • CHEM (Metal Construction) : 34 students* ;
  • CHEB (Wood Construction) : 6 students* ;
  • CHEMEX (Methods of Execution) : 21 students* ;

* Effective 2012/2013

Recognized by professionals in France and International, The CHEC has formed, for the time, more than 4 000 engineers including about 850 from 60 different countries.

The advantages of the graduation trip

It is usual to the CHEC that a group of volunteers student take, each year, the responsibility of organizing an international graduation trip for students wishing to participate.

This trip, made during the Easter holidays, has several objectives :

  • Develop students' knowledge by visiting major projects ;
  • Encourage contacts between students and professionals of the sector ;
  • Confront the habits and thinking of everyone to another culture ;
  • Further strengthen the links between students.

In short, an educative, cultural and social trip.

This year, in cooperation with all students, the Organizing Committee of the graduation trip has chose Qatar as destination.